Slow Blog Movement

CameronA nice surprise to have Cameron stop by the Co-op yesterday for a visit, some over-the-powerbook-screen chatter during the 80F+ day in the office followed by an unexpected presentation of his thesis over beers at the Elysian. Hearing his results on frequency of post makes me think I should formalize my emerging Slow Blog Movement. That, or just join Slow Food and call it a day.

Pictured left to right: Josh Petersen, Michael Buffington, Lee LeFever, Cameron Marlow, Lilia Efimova, Erik Benson

2 thoughts on “Slow Blog Movement

  1. We live as new urbanists /permanate agriculture folks above our 700 sq ft. store front on a main street in a small Maine town and are looking for slow movement literature/ posters Any resources would be appreciated. Robby and Ola

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