Synth Clubbin’

Synth Club is a musical experiment. As lovers of synthesizers and synthesized music, the four of us originally came together to realize a lifelong dream: making 100% synthesizer music in real time. Sean plays “drums” on his apple laptop. Steve, Reggie and I play synthesizers (aka keyboards), trading off bass lines, lead lines, pads and various blips and noise scapes. Reggie also throws in vocals when so inspired. The end result is often dance music in nature, but we also allow room for ambient, pop, glitch — whatever tickles the plastic ivories.

The past three days were spent recording Synth Club in Sean’s living room using many of the same principles of our live peformances. Armed with beats he’d constructed prior to the sessions, Sean acted as engineer and producer. Reggie, Steve and I improvised on the beats and quickly whittled our way to core ideas which we then refined and committed to midi information. I’m pretty darn excited about these tracks.


7 thoughts on “Synth Clubbin’

  1. Man…what a weekend!!! To come away with 12 song ideas (most of which will become full fledged tracks) is quite remarkable for 2 days of recording with no songs or ideas already in place. All-in-all I am totalled floored by the productivity of this weekend’s session. Great job fellaz,

  2. Probably not for a couple months. Reginald is in Europe for a few weeks and we’ve got some vocal work to do — along with mixing. Before Halloween for sure.

  3. Monday Mourning – R.I.P. Dr. Robert Moog

    It is a sad day for the music world. None of the usual blog-snarkiness in this post, for Robert Moog, synthesizer/theremin pioneer has died. Whether you’ve heard of him or not, know that Moog’s death is as big as Peter Jennings’ death was to the world …

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