Reminder to self

This wet poster on Pike Street reminded me that simply having dinner with Davis (drummer) or talking on the phone a couple times a week with Kevin (bass) or Reggie (vocals) does not a rehearsal make! Time to pull out the axes and get ready for New Years Eve. If there’s one thing we’re good at it’s pulling a show together with limited rehearsals — sometimes we even play better because of it.

Anyone want on the guest list for New Years? Let me know.

(note to self: don’t forget to call Thaddeus)

4 thoughts on “Reminder to self

  1. Hey…how’d the New Year’s show go?? Were you guys able to pull it off without having had much rehearsal as you mentioned in your post?? Just curious…I hope all went well. I’m sure you know, sometimes the best parts of playing with a band are the spontaneous, unrehearsed moments when everything just clicks.
    Much Love,

  2. Hey Josh — the show ended up rocking f’ing hard. We tore it up. It seems the less we rehearse the better we perform. Well, to a degree. A fair amount of rehearsal is necessary to gain the muscle memory that allows you to play freely.
    Thanks for dropping a line. You’re from Anchorage?

  3. Really cool techie dude? Don’t ever call me that again!
    I think Maktub is playing in March next. But I’ve got all sorts of fun gigs planned for the new year. SynthClub is doing some after hours parties in February and March. Talk to you soon, Dan.

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