Fender Rhodes tour rig

I put 9 pictures on Flickr as it’s best described in pictures. The greatest part about this Rhodes is it’s been overhauled by David Ell one of the prominent Rhodes technicians living today.

In addition, I’d love to sell off the entire tour rig that supports this rhodes. Namely …

  1. road case for Rhodes
  2. effects pedals (delay, tremolo, phaser)
  3. Quiklok stand
  4. rhodes sustain pedal and rod
  5. road case for holding effects, stand, sustain pedal and cords

One thought on “Fender Rhodes tour rig

  1. do you still have any rhodes for sale.
    i really just need one in good working condition.
    i am 18 and live in lone beach.
    i play so much music but cannot find a rhodes for an affordable price.
    how much would you sell one for??
    thank you so much.

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