Disconnecting Daniel

Do you dream of disconnecting like I do? I wonder how much more walking, talking and coherent reading I’d get in if I didn’t spend so many precious hours online. I love this drug, but some day I plan to give it up for a long period. Which is scary … sadly. When was the last time you were disconnected from the internet for more than 3 days?


2 thoughts on “Disconnecting Daniel

  1. During the 10 day road trip in Slovakia this last July we only had internet access once or twice for 15 minute chunks… and strangely I didn’t feel the pull of the internet at all. It was nice to realize that, as big as all this high tech stuff is in our lives now, it’s still a small part of the real world. Okay, that’s my recycled deep thought for the day.
    Wait, one more. For me, the internet is about connecting with people (email, blogs, etc), so disconnecting from the internet is in many ways synonymous with my goal of spending a period of time without human contact. And that sounds a little less healthy (or at least, more drastic) than simply disconnecting from the internet for some reason.

  2. Agreed on the “connection” tip you make. That’s when the internet is most useful and fulfilling.
    But I sometimes question whether the sense of connectedness that I experience online is equal in its humanity to that of non-internet induced human interaction. Too many big words—when I go to the dump and wait in a long line reading a book followed by dumping stuff I don’t need I feel like I’ve truly lived. Not always the case after I’ve interacted online. Your Slovakia trip also appeared to be a live reaffirming experience and it was very much offline.

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