The Art of Sucking

There’s nothing worse than musicians being off … which is what’s happening tonight. Why does this happen? In the case of me, Reggie, Steve and Sean (Synth Club) it’s due to not playing simple. It takes a lot of collective focus to play simple. The key to sucking, though, is getting over it.

Growing up in Alaska we had two rabbits — grey rabbit and white rabbit named after their fur color. One spring day they chewed their way out of the cage in our backyard and went exploring. We spent a couple days scouring the neighborhood and adjoining woods looking for our two rabbits. We eventually gave up. One evening my dad was biking by our neighbor’s log cabin and saw white rabbit hiding under a bush — frightened, but in good health. Our neighbor had three german shepards that ran free in the yard but white rabbit had somehow managed to successfully avoid them for a several long days and nights.

A couple days before this we found the bones of grey rabbit in our backyard just a few feet from his cage. Killed by dogs.

It’s 12:23am and time for the second set.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Sucking

  1. Josh was commenting on the disconnect between the art of sucking and the rabbit analogy. I don’t want to falsely connect the two stories, but I think there is a loose connection. The night of this gig there were two sets (I wrote the post in between). Like the two rabbits there was really no way of predicting which one would be bad/good or live/die.

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