Abundant Asphalt

Davis set up an impromptu recording session this past weekend at Avast! in Seattle (thanks, Stuart & Jonny). The idea was to get Davis, Thaddeus and me together to write and record over the course of 2 days. We didn’t talk much beforehand but Davis did email us this Brian Eno Youtube clip about how beautiful things grow out of shit (starts around 0:35.) Considering I don’t know much about Brian Eno’s philosophy (somehow I had him categorized as a hippy in my brain—which is coincidentally a horrible habit I have of pre-categorizing people I know nothing about.)

On Saturday night Davis and Thaddeus ran into Choklate. She showed up on Sunday to “hang out”, which is coded musician-speak for wanting to record but only if the recorded material isn’t awful. Choklate ended up singing on two tracks (hooray!), one of which we invented in one take with vocals and piano, as she fortuitously captured it on video with her iPhone. We turned around and recorded it for real.

In other audio nerd news, I invested in a Roland octa-capture (who names these things?!) to enable the recording of drums in the basement. Hopefully I can replace drums on stuff I initially set-up in Garageband. Speaking of which, I have no idea where to take the following idea. I’m trying to use less reverb and delay in my mixes (drums, bass and vocals are dry in this example). Email me and I’ll send you the GB session to play around with if you’re interested.

P.S. here’s Ali’s 40th B-day song that pitted husband against wife in a battle of music/editorial control—end result, we both won.

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