Audio snap, crackle & pop: Mackie Onyx 1200F & Apple Logic Pro 8

Below is a slideshow (click the right arrow at the bottom of the slide) that describes the issues I’m having with my home studio – specifically the firewire driver compatibility between Mac OS 10.5.5, Logic Pro 8 and the Mackie Onyx 1200f. I’d love any tips or suggestions … and, yes, I’m obsessed with making this work.

10 thoughts on “Audio snap, crackle & pop: Mackie Onyx 1200F & Apple Logic Pro 8

  1. Well, thanks for the comment but buying a PC is not really an option at this point. I’m mostly a Mac user and I’m learning Logic at the moment.

  2. I’m having the same problem with my m-audio interface. It’s usb driven though. I didnt notice it til I played a real clean guitar signal into logic. I use a macbook pro and logic studio 8 academic by the way. So Im thinking it’s a buffer/latency type issue that can be resolved within logic or it’s a logic issue. Do you use the academic version of logic? Because my other thought is that since your not supposed to use the academic version for profit there are bugs in the software purposely.

  3. We’re having similar problems with Onyx board, OSX 10.4.11 on a 1.8 GHz 3G RAM dual proc G5 and Digital Performer. I had been using a MOTU 896HD with no issues whatsoever and swapped out the Onyx for a session requiring more inputs than the MOTU’s limit of 8.

    Looks like we’re going back to the MOTU box and dealing with 8 inputs. Research has revealed some folks have had luck reverting an earlier version of the OSX firewire driver, but I’m not sure how much I want to mess with my drivers for a problem relating to one recording session.

  4. Hey Todzilla – I actually went to the trouble of reverting to older drivers with no luck. It just doesn’t work. Mackie knows they have a broken product, but just can’t fully admit it as they probably don’t want a full recall on the product.

    Sounds like you’ve already done this, but move on from the Onyx stuff. IThe number of in puts are alluring, but it just won’t work in the end.

  5. Hi Bennett—

    I no longer own the 1200F (I sold it years ago). I currently use two Roland OctaCaptures which gives me 16 inputs with preamps. They work great together and can be combined into one aggregate unit.


    1. Daniel, thanks for the reply. Interesting, a producer with whom I work swears by his OctaCapture, and we use it for drums on everything. It sounds very musical–I love how it sounds. For my project studio, I’ve been using the A/D on my Alesis HD24XR because it also sounds musical (plus warmth, amazing bottom). I’m just digging around for a 1200F so that I can use the first 8 Pres, plus control room, plus head phone outs, and the ADAT Light Pipe to get the audio from the Alesis HD224XR into the computer for capture.

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