Bald Women Do Lunch

Thought I’d pass along a link to Bald Girls Do Lunch, a non-profit for women with alopecia based in the NY area.

Bald Girls Do Lunch provides new and valuable opportunities for women with alopecia areata – an auto-immune skin condition which causes the partial or total loss of hair on the scalp, brows, lashes and body. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the self-confidence of women who share the challenges of this condition.


2 thoughts on “Bald Women Do Lunch

  1. If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey And asks you to show him your bum, do not show him your bum. This is a scam. He only wants to see your bum. I wish I had got this yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap. -The Bum

  2. Hi Daniel,
    This is a great organization and thanks for mentioning it. I am trying to get the word out about the big event for Bald Girls October 7, 2007 in nyc. Do you have any recommendation for us in reaching out to let people know?

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