Strumming In The Attic

I’ve been spending a lot of time relearning Maktub songs in acoustic form. It’s refreshing to strip a song down to it’s bones. Guitar strumming patterns are friggin important and endlessly fascinating! I never really noticed how I was strumming in patterns before as it always came as part of writing a song on acoustic guitar. But when I learn some of these tunes for the first time I get a whole new appreciation for patterns and how they interact with Thaddeus’s lead lines and Reggie’s vocals. Strumming chords behind those two makes me a bit of a drummer — which doesn’t come naturally.

Currently there are 6 songs we’re actively translating from an electric band sound to a two acoustic guitar version with Reggie singing between Thaddeus and I. Depending on the strumming pattern, I can create a simple 2 beat pattern which works great for some tunes or a longer cycle that takes 2 measures to complete itself.

I had a guy over from Speedy Glass today to fix a broken glass pane on my attic window — it looked like somebody used a wrist rocket to break the window last week. Getting up to the window I had to go up a ladder through a small crawl hole to my attic. I realized that I really don’t care to be in my attic much — nor do I really care what’s going on up there until something goes wrong. My basement, on the other hand, was the first thing I remodeled after I bought my house. Strumming patterns are somewhere in between those two for me — never really thought about it, but now that I’ve been forced to it’s all that I hear.

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