People know me as a musician, co-founder of 43 Things, investor in local businesses (like The Matador and Verellen Amplifiers), Recruiter and Product Manager at, and most recently as owner of Spils Consulting. I’m married to Brangien, live in Seattle and have learned to love cats.


As a consultant, I often fill one of two roles:

  1. Project Management—define, schedule and deliver projects with a smile.
  2. The Kitchen Sink—small loans, music composition, project management.

I’m currently consulting for THANK YOU as their Seattle Studio Manager.

“As a technically stupid person, I found Daniel to be the PERFECT person to guide me into the world of social media. He was gentle, clear, and totally successful—and I have the audience numbers to prove it!  Love that Mister Spils!”Nancy Guppy, Host/Producer ArtZone

“Our staff and customers have come to rely on Daniel’s unique “caveman drawing” style of note taking to center remote teams around otherwise slippery software concepts.”Kevin Goldman, Founder 29th Drive, LLC

“Daniel’s talents run deep and wide. As a partner and a close and trusted advisor, I rely on his broad experience and commitment to an honest and common sense approach. As a PM, he brings an intense focus to the details and process, yet he wraps it all up with his warm and inclusive sense of humor and infuses it with his charming individuality. Daniel is the best.”Gregg Goldman, Head of Business Development, EMP Museum



danielspils at gmail dot com
(206) 650-0828

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